Federal Landscaping
Gutter Maintenance Services

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters that are clogged with leaves, pine needles or other debris will prevent the roof and gutter drain system from working
properly. Water may clog in the drain, fall over the side of the roof during heaving rainstorms and may cause ice damming.
These may cause harm to the siding, below landscaping and the homes roof.

Preventative gutter cleaning each year, will mitigate these issues. Cleanning the gutters regularly each will reduce the risks associated with clogged gutters and ensure your costs are maintained.

Federal Landscaping provides gutter cleaning services and recommends this service be performed at least once in the fall after the leaves have fallen. A follow up visit in the spring is recommended, to ensure no additional debris exists.

Gutter Pop-Up Installation and replacement

Most gutter drains are out-falled around the basement foundation, which may cause ponding and basement flooding. Further, the green, builder grade gutter pans are unsightly and do not function as intended.

Federal Landscaping installs and recommends the use of gutter drain emitters. The advantages of gutter drain emitters include:

  •  Water is directed away from the homes foundation, decreasing the possibility of basement flooding
  •  The emitters are flush with the grass and provide less visual obstruction of the home.
  •  Since the emitters are pop ups, the water gently flows from the gutters and disperses across the lawn. This provides less impact to landscaping, while providing a source of moisture for the lawn.
  • Service Areas

    We provide services to the Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas. Within the Northern Virginia area, we primarily serve the following areas:

    • Ashburn
    • Aldie
    • Beacon Hill
    • Brambleton
    • Broadlands
    • Cascades
    • Chantilly
    • Fairfax
    • Lovettsville
    • Stone Ridge
    • Great Falls
    • Haymarket
    • Herndon
    • Lansdowne
    • Leesburg
    • McLean
    • Middleburg
    • Reston
    • River Creek
    • Shenstone
    • South Riding
    • Waterford
    • Willowsford
    • Washington, DC